Edneyville Fire & Rescue



Robert Griffin : EMT/INST/RT

Deputy Chief

Mike Ostrander : EMT/FFII

Assistant Chief

Brandon Swain : EMT-I/FFII/RT

Safety Officer

Danny Sherrill : MR/ FFII
Earl Jones


Jimmy Rogers : EMT/FFII
Kirk Hinkle : MR/FFII


Blake Curd : FFII
Dakota Ostrander: EMT/ FFII


Sharon Waldrup


Adam Sitton : EMT/FFII
Jeremiah Bagwell : EMT-I/FFII
Bill Freeman  : EMT/FFII/RT
Bob Hicks: EMT
Brandon Taylor
Bryan Berryman: EMT/ FFII
Charles Magnet
Chris Brogden: EMT/FFII
Connie Laughter : FFII
Dakota Wolfe
Dale Baker : EMT
Dalton Hendricks : EMT / FFII
David Jones : EMT/INST/RT
Eugene Taylor
Frankie Laughter : EMT/INST/RT
Fred Klumpp
Gary Steiner: EMT/FFII
Jet Rogers
Josh Walton : EMT/INST/RT
Kameron Buchanan : MR/INST/RT
Kevin Waldrup : EMT/INST/RT
Lowell Griffin : EMT/FFII/INST
Mark Reagan : EMT/INST/RT
Mark Hendricks : FFII
Matt Brackett : EMT/INST/RT
Matthew Noel
Nathan Corn : EMT
Pete Ratkowski : EMT-P/FFII/RT
Randy Frisbee : EMT/INST/RT
Riley Zavos : EMT/ FFII
Rodney Justice
Ross Garren : EMT/FFII/RT
Scott Justus : EMT/FFII
Tim Griffin : EMT/FFII
Travis Pisani
Trevor Lance : EMT-I/INST/RT
Victoria Cortes : EMT/ FFII

JR Firefighter

Dakota Davis : FFII
Daniel Cagle

Become a Member of Edneyville Fire & Rescue

We’re always looking for motivated and dedicated individuals to volunteer at Edneyville Fire & Rescue.  Being a volunteer firefighter takes commitment and time.  Members engage in many hours of training.  All volunteers have a 6 month candidacy period.  After that time candidates have the opportunity to be voted into membership.

Becoming a member of Edneyville Fire & Rescue means serious dedication.  Dedication to helping the community and training to be our best.  Commitment to be your best.  There are expectations for you to come to the fire station and learn skills to prepare you to help others.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please fill out an application.  You can download the application below, or stop by Station One and pick one up.

Here’s a video about why YOU may choose to volunteer at a Fire Department.


JR Firefighter Program

We have a JR Firefighter program for youth ages 14-17.   Learn about serving your community as well as training to be better prepared future firefighters.  Stop by Station One to pick up an application at 1 Firehouse Rd., Hendersonville, NC 28792.