"Preservation of life and property from accidents and acts of God, to improve the quality of life."

For more information on any of the programs listed below, please call one of the stations or email info@edneyvillefire.com
Brush Fire Team
Edneyville Fire & Rescue has members of the department that have training in Wildland Fire Suppression. These members form our brush fire team. When the need arises inside and outside of the Edneyville Fire District this team fill’s those needs.
Burning Permits
Edneyville Fire Department is a certified burning permit agent meeting the requirements of the NC Forest Service. These permits are issued to residents in the community for disposal of yard accumulation debris only. There is no charge for the permits and they are available every day between the hours of 08:00 and 5:00 p.m. You can also obtain a burning permit from the NCFS by Clicking Here. The permits do not permit someone to burn machine piled debris. If a resident needs to dispose of machine piled debris they should contact NC Air Quality Control for a valid permit.
Child Safety Seat Inspection
This service is provided at our fire station located at 1 Firehouse Rd. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to stop by the station and a technician can check the seat for correct installation. Our technicians are certified in Child Passenger Safety and educate parents and caregivers on vehicle belt systems, different car seats and recommendations for children riding in car seats.
Elementary School Fire Prevention
October is fire prevention month. We provide education on fire prevention to Elementary School children. The Fire Prevention Officer chooses topics each year to educate the children on. The morning session is a question, answer session with all the grades. Firefighters show the children different tools Firefighters use to do their jobs. Also a Firefighter will put on turn out gear with an air pack to show the children what a Fireman looks and sounds like.
Fire Extinguisher Classes
This class covers the basic use and selecting fire extinguishers for small fires in the home or workplace. There is classroom and hands on skills in this class. Students will be required to extinguish a controlled fire using a portable extinguisher. At the end of the class students will receive a certificate of completion of the class.
Pre Fire Plans
Edneyville Fire & Rescue does pre fire plans on commercial buildings in our fire district to obtain knowledge and information of special hazards within the building. Edneyville Fire & Rescue personnel schedule to meet with the owner and/or occupant to do a walk thru of the facility, to become familiar with the building and grounds and for any questions they may have of the facility. These are not fire inspections. Fire inspections are done by the Henderson County Fire Marshal’s Office.
Smoke Detector Program
The smoke detector program is for residents of our district that cannot afford the initial cost of a smoke alarm.  The fire department will provide one smoke alarm pre floor.
Station Tours
Edneyville Fire & Rescue offers station tours to kids and adults. To show our day to day operation and our equipment. If you would like a tour of our station, call to have one scheduled.
Wildland Fires – Protecting Your Home
This program covers any concerns a homeowner may have with in the event of a wildland fire. Edneyville Fire & Rescue gives the homeowner tips and information that can be done before a fire strikes around their home and the Firefighters role during a Wildland Fire. If requested, Edneyville Fire & Rescue will send out personnel to help the homeowner with a site survey on what recommendations that the department may have. Get Ready and Be Prepared for Wildland Fires – this Wildland Fire Action Guide can provide more information and checklists to get your home, family and property more prepared in case of wildfire.
Henderson County Resources
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National Resources
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