1 Firehouse Rd, Hendersonville NC, 28792

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burn permit
Burn Permit

It’s about people. Fire engines don’t put out fires—people do. Defibrillators don’t save lives—people do. The Jaws-of-Life never rescued anyone on its own—it takes people.

                     Why Join

Have you ever heard a siren or seen a fire engine – and wondered what was happening?
Have you ever witnessed or come upon a motor vehicle accident – and wished you could help?
Have you been there when someone was stricken with sudden illness – and wanted to assist?
Are you looking for new friendships, challenges, and rewards?
Do you want to become involved in your community?


Become a valuable community member when you answer the call to be a volunteer firefighter. We are looking for people of all skill levels and abilities to help with both operational and administrative duties.

 No experience is necessary. Just be motivated, with a passion for service. Our Volunteers are changemakers, ready to serve our communities to make a difference.

 Edneyville Fire Resuce is a combination fire department which means we operate with full-time, part-time and volunteer personnel. Volunteer firefighters are an integral part of the department’s community protection efforts and may receive a pay per call stipend. As a result, dedicated men and women are needed.

Responsibilities of volunteer firefighters include fighting fires, providing medical aid, assisting at emergency scenes, participating in training, and community outreach programs.